Bunnings Shade Sails and DIY

05 June 2009

Bunnings is typically the home of most DIY stuff in Australia but the first thing to note is that Bunnings don't really specialise in Shade Sails.

So I thought we'd look at the pros and cons of DIY and Bunnings Shade Sails.

Bunnings tend to stock a very small range of square and triangle DIY Shade Sails.  They are typically 5 metres x 5 metres and are typically the Coolaroo, Sunhaven and Lotus Collection brands, come in a small range of fabrics and colours and are really only suitable for domestic installations.

While we stock a wider range of Pre-made or DIY Shade Sails at competitive prices to Bunnings, we don't really recommend this approach. 

Just some of the reasons include that typically they :

  • tend not to fit properly
  • are not waterproof
  • are not always well designed
  • often have inadequate tension and load capacity
  • can flap in the wind
  • have no warranty on installation
  • may be more likely to cause accidents
  • often don't the Cancer Council's UV protection criteria

For these and many more reasons, we strongly recommend getting a custom shade sail designed and installed by a professional.  A professional can provide you with the right advice and onsite as well.  Proper solutions will often involve a number of anchor points and poles.

Custom Shade Sails have the advantage that they have:

  • custom made for individual requirements
  • better designed for weather conditions
  • warranty on installation
  • UV rated for maximum sun protection

There is a real art to getting shade sails right so make sure you talk to us first.


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